Only 9 days left until Christmas – make your shopping easy!

by Dr Jo

Make your last minute shopping easy – I will do it all for you! And you get the best deal you could possibly ever get!

Give your loved ones and friends the gift of health and life!

So how’s that for a great Christmas deal.

Now you’re asking, how do you gift wrap life and health?

You wrap up a great CD audio series (created by me, Dr. Jo) that provides an abundance of information in an easy to understand format that guides that special someone to living an optimally healthy life.

This CD series emphasizes secrets to losing weight the healthy way. Let’s face it; no one worries about weight loss this time of year.


Not too long from now, you know what happens – yep, those New Year’s resolutions. And what’s the most common resolution? “This year I am going to lose weight and get healthy.”


Why do we keep making that same old resolution every year? Because we’ve failed again in our weight loss efforts.

And why do we fail? Because we don’t have the right information about what works the best for our bodies.

In fact, most fad diets or very low calorie diets actually reset our metabolism to hold onto more fat because our bodies think that they are starving. So starts the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting and declining health.

But now you can come to the rescue for your friends and loved ones. Give them the gift of life and health so they can determine and follow their own unique eating plan that will serve their unique metabolism. When it comes to “diets”, it’s not “One size fits all”. No way. You are uniquely-you and you need your own uniquely-you eating plan for your uniquely-you metabolism.

And so do those on your gift list.

The glitz and glamour of other Christmas gifts will quickly fade away, and then they will remember that very special gift you sent to them and turn to it to guide them into health for the rest of their lives. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

And this gift is…

Practical Nutrition by Dr. Bessie Jo Tillman, an 11 CD audio series with a 78-page manual full of even more great tips.

Learn more about Practical Nutrition and the secrets to weight loss that it reveals.

To find out more about the Practical Nutrition CD set, click here.

Dr. Jo


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