Love a Lot

by Dr Jo

Enjoy your holidays. Christmas can be a very merry season until all the germs that are flying around lay you low.

So here’s my Christmas gift to you, tips on staying healthy and having a really great time enjoying the people in your life (even the ones you don’t look forward to being with).

 Simplify, decrease the busy-ness of the season:

   Keep gift giving simple – it’s the love that counts.

   Does decorating stress you? Just put out the large decorations. They do more to create the Christmas atmosphere than all those little items that take so much time.

   No time for that time eating task of wrapping packages – use decorative Christmas bags and then save them to use again next year if they get left at your house.

   Make Christmas dinner a potluck.

   It’s the love that counts.

 Hug a lot, even the unloveables. You may be surprised at the love that returns to you.

 Laugh a lot:

   Even when the power goes out and you have 13 people staying in your home, snowed in with you.

   Hug a lot – it will keep you warm when the heating source is defunct because the power is out.

   Enjoy the fun of having to live by candle light. After all candle light is romantic.

   It’s the love that counts.

 Protect yourself from those germs:

(These recommendations should not be taken by pregnant women or young children.)

   Take extra Vitamin D if you live where you can’t get good sun exposure in the winter months. Just about all adults can take 2,000 IU per day. If you’re around an infected person, take an extra 2,000 to 4,000 IU per day for a few days.

   If you start to come down with a virus, take 100,000 to 300,000 IU of vitamin A per day and 400 to 800 IU of vitamin E per day for only 3 days. If you have liver disease, do not take these high doses of vitamin A.

   Some people find that taking extra Vitamin C helps protect them from germs. If your body deals with synthetic Vitamin C well, gradually increase the amount you take to bowel tolerance. That means stay at the highest dose you can take before it causes diarrhea.

   Love a lot – germs hate that.

 Remember to love a lot – that’s what this season is all about. It’s a celebration of the day that God’s great love took on human form and walked the earth so we can always stay in God’s abundant love. Love is spelled Jesus.

God bless you. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Much Love,

Dr. Jo

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