Be a Winner – Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

by Dr Jo

The saying “Garbage in, garbage out” can be applied to many things. But nowhere is it more appropriate than in terms of what you put in your mouth. To achieve optimal health, you must put high-quality fuel in your body. The right food choices will boost your energy, improve the clarity of your mind, optimize your weight, increase your lifespan, and protect you from all those germs flying around in the holiday season.

For optimal digestion and performance eat four to six small meals a day. When you eat healthy small meals throughout the day, you won’t be so tempted by all the illness-promoting, everywhere-present sweets tempting you during the holidays. Choose those meals from organic, whole foods. In each meal include:

1. Protein
Base every meal upon a healthy source of protein. If you eat animal products, choose those from animals that are raised on their natural diet. Free-range poultry and eggs, wild fish, raw unpasteurized dairy and grass-fed meats come from animals raised in a healthy manner. Nuts and beans are also good sources of protein.

2. Fat
Choose the RIGHT fats for your meals. Healthy fats should come from naturally raised animals also. Include these healthy fats in your meals: wild fish, olive oil, coconut oil, walnut and macadamia oils, vegetables, nuts, and avocados in your meals. Avoid processed vegetable and seed oils and the dreaded “hydrogenated” oils (trans-fats) like you would avoid the plague.

3. Carbohydrates
Your carbs should come from sources that drip sugar into your blood stream slowly as you digest them – non-starchy vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, whole fruits, and berries. Avoid sugar, soft drinks, fruit juices, refined flour, refined grains, and starches.

You will find that I only used these healthy foods in my cookbook, Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook. It makes fixing healthy meals so easy.

Treat your co-workers to healthy food for holiday celebrations. Give them the gift of life and health. Take a tray of raw or soaked-overnight nuts and dried fruit to the office. Or how about a veggie tray with an unusual but tasty dip like Marinated Black Beans.
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Dr. Jo