Our Veggies Survived 2 feet of snow and ice

by Dr Jo

How is your 2009 so far?

Ours has been a most interesting adventure. Here’s a follow-up to the snow and ice saga at the Tillman mountain home. The snow started falling on December 14th. We left in almost white out conditions for the valley. My husband Pat went back home that day and didn’t get out for the rest of the week. Immediately after the snow fell we had 2 days of hard freezes and everything turned to ice. Pat had to spend 3 hours digging himself out of the snow and ice on our ¾ mile road just to get down to the valley for Christmas.

We wound up staying at each of our daughters’ homes for 10 days total and moved the family Christmas gathering to their houses since no one could get in to our place.

By January 1st, we thought maybe we could try going home. Sure enough we did – but had to walk in the ¾ mile because the road was still thick ice. Our 4-wheel drive pickup with studded mud and snow tires went slippery sliding. After Pat spent 5 days moving snow and ice with our tractor, we finally drove into our place (despite some icy patches) yesterday – January 11th – 4 weeks after the original snowfall that started all this. Yeah!  We’ve been riding our quad ATV up to the paved road to our truck the last 2 weeks. That’s a real waker-upper in the freezing morning hours.

But it’s all great adventure.

Yesterday I went down to the garden for the first time since the snowfall. It’s still pretty well covered in snow, but amazingly some plants seem to have survived this month of snow and ice. The cabbage and broccoli look lively and the volunteer snap peas look perky – unbelievable. Will be interesting to see if any of that produce ever matures.