About This Cookbook

Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook developed out of the needs of my patients. How would we teach them to eat healthy recipes of delicious, colorful whole food? How could we help them develop a healthy lifestyle way of eating?


We approached this educational process in a number of ways. Some did not work, like telling people what not to eat. They responded, “What’s left to eat”. Well, a lot of great healthy food but ones they did not commonly think of. So then we realized the best approach is to say, “Choose your meals from these healthy foods and you will automatically get rid of the dysfunctional (junk) food that’s destroying your body.”


My patients responded with enthusiasm to the positive approach. We held “Wellness in Action Classes” that met once per week for 8 weeks. I would share various nutritional concepts at each class, and then we prepared and ate a meal together. They each had a buddy in the class so they could help support each other during the week.


Many of my patients in these Wellness in Action Classes created new healthy recipes or contributed great tips that were eventually incorporated into Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook.


Because of the time consuming nature of these classes, eventually my nurses demonstrated the meal prep process in the office waiting room for new patients.


But patients actually had the most success in developing a healthy eating plan when I published this cookbook that developed out of years of experience in teaching my patients how to eat healthfully. They responded with tremendous improvements in their health.


But it’s more than a cookbook. It helps you develop a life style way of eating that serves your uniquely-you body well so you can heal or stay healthy. It’s chock full of healthy recipes.


In Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook I coach you through food selection, cleaning the food, storing it properly and preparing beautiful, delicious meals that your whole family will enjoy.


All of my patients who embraced a healthy eating plan found renewed energy and marked improvement in any disease process. People with the following problems improved:

·         Diabetes

·         Heart disease

·         High blood pressure

·         Candida

·         Allergies

·         Headaches

·         Constipation

·         Stomach problems

·         Food Allergies

·         Lupus

·         And others


As a matter of fact, I became interested in nutrition when I began to have a lot of gastrointestinal disturbance and food allergies. With a lot of research and training in the holistic, natural, integrative approach I began to realize that I had an overgrowth of unfriendly organisms like the yeast Candida in my body that was wreaking havoc. I had to change my unhealthy eating habits to survive.


Once I made the change, I loved the healthy, full-of-life food. Now junk food tastes disgusting to me. I love living life to its fullest in a body that’s free of aches and pains. I love thinking clearly. I love being able to participate in short triathlons in my sixties.


But I was on my way to severe degenerative diseases until I turned my lifestyle around after discovering the pioneering nutritional research of Dr. Price, Pottenger and Page. Their research shows which foods nourish the body the best and which ones cause degeneration. Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook, includes only these life building foods used in healthy recipes. You too can renew your health by eating according to these well researched and proven principles.


Start thinking positively about your eating plan.


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Dr. Jo